Why We Need Revival

Over the years, well-meaning pastor friends have asked a variation of the question, “So what is the point of your revivals?” The short answer is, revival. The biblical word literally means to “resuscitate” or “resurrect.” Christians are not exempt from wandering in spiritual deserts or having life knock the wind out of them. From time to time, we need a fresh word, a reviving touch.

On Sunday, Feb. 21, I kick off my 2010 revival season at First United Methodist Church in Gonzales, Texas. Rev. Andy Smith, whom I have worked with several times before, nicely summed up the need for revival in a recent pastoral article:

“This month our Church will host a revival. Rev. Mark Winter is an evangelist in the United Methodist Church and travels all around the U.S. to inspire congregations to (as it says in Hebrews 12) “run with perseverance the race marked out for us; fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith.”

I think we all need a little extra dose of perseverance in our walk of faith. Every now and then we need a special and sacred moment to help strengthen our faith, boost our sense of hope, and to inspire us to love a little bit more. That’s why we’re having a revival. It is going to be a time of enjoyment, inspiration, and blessing. And that’s why we calling this event a Jubilee Revival.

The idea of Jubilee originates in Leviticus chapter 25. For the Hebrews, Jubilee was a celebration that occurred every 50 years where slaves and prisoners would be freed, debts forgiven, and those estranged from their homeland welcomed back. Mark is going to use drama skits and powerful preaching to help us understand how Jesus Christ is our Jubilee; that our faith in Christ frees us from our heavy sins and painful debts. We all need a good dose of perseverance so that we can continue to run the good race of faith.”

If your congregation needs a spiritual “faith-lift,” consider the Jubilee ministry of One Man Show. Biblically-based messages, skits with a punch and devotional programs combine to foster an atmosphere of revival in your church. For more information, visit my JUBILEE WEBPAGE.


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    オテモヤン says

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    Dale Schultz says

    Each of us periodically needs a personal revival, too. I'm rediscovering the joy of that time during a vacation week that is extended “Sabbath” time.

    I we – individuals AND churches – don't make time to be revived, it will not *just* happen.

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    Clay Whitaker says

    Hi, Mark!

    We want to see about scheduling you for holy week of 2016. We would start on Wednesday night, Mar 23, with services as well on Maundy Thursday & Good Friday, Mar 24-25. Then we would like you to be our special guest speaker/performer for a big children’s event/Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday morning. After that, you could head home!

    I left a message on your cell. Call me & hopefully we can get this confirmed!


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