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Stamp of Approval

What a great adventure for our congregation on the week before Easter! Everyone was spellbound with your modern day portrayal of Judas and Peter. On Holy Thursday we started the journey with Judas and how each and everyone of us could relate to what Judas had done. Then on to Good Friday services where Peter was portrayed as a modern-day fisherman which all of our youth could hardly wait for the ending. Words spoken after the drama production were encouragement for anyone to accept the Easter story.

As we continued to the sunrise service at “The Cross” in Ballinger we remembered the Resurrection of our Lord, Jesus. The service with Lazarus brought the message of Easter to us and challenged us to live as we had been given the chance to rise from the tomb.

Thank you, Mark, for giving us great drama and sharing the Easter story with us. You have enlivened us to move forward as individuals and as a church to bring the message of Jesus Christ to those around us. Thank you for a great experience.

Rev. Buddy Moore
First United Methodist Church
Ballinger, TX

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