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An Advent Attitude Adjustment


SchlotzkysA Schlotzky’s sign in Abilene, TX has the town talking. It reads, “Closed For Attitude Adjustment.” The owner of the sandwich shop, John Herod, explained that his employees were not offering the smiling service he wanted or the customers deserved. The sign says they will reopen their doors on December 4, but Herod says the store may need more adjusting than he thought. The new “open for business” date is now December 9.

From time-to-time, all of us need an attitude adjustment. Advent is the perfect time to do this.  With a focus on prayer, meditation and charity, the days of preparation leading up to the birth of the Christ Child have been dubbed a “mini-Lent.” Of course, a person can repent at any time, but these seasons of the Christian year are a timely reminder to give our attitudes a check-up.

Years ago, after preaching an Advent sermon on John the Baptist, with an emphasis on preparing the way of the Lord through repentance, a woman came up to me after the service, a frown bending her lips. “I didn’t like your message,” she growled. “Christmas should be about joy.”

Christmas is about joy, but real joy–not the manufactured “joy” of parties, decorations and consumerism–comes only when we allow the Holy Spirit to give us an attitude adjustment, convicting us of the unrighteousness that mars our relationship with God and people. What better joy can be had to know that Christ forgives sin, heals our brokenness and empowers us to be more like Him?

For a time during this Advent season, lock the doors of your soul to the world and let God help you with some “attitude adjustment.” It may not help you build a sandwich like Schlotzky’s, but you will definitely build a better life.

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