Cold Comfort


This past week has been the stuff of an epic disaster movie. Polar vortexes, frost quakes and subzero temps have turned much of North America into a winter sufferland. In the midst of this wintry ordeal, I found this video that warmed me up with a little laughter: 

Sometimes life can be this confusing. A tough decision or a change in our circumstances can feel like a zigzag path. That journey we so carefully planned suddenly makes an unexpected turn that leads us into the cold. Christians don’t have all the answers, but we are on a quest to stay close to the One who does.

“I know not the way God leads me,” Martin Luther said, “but well do I know my Guide.”

This doesn’t make some choices any easier. But knowing that the Good Shepherd is right by our side makes it more comforting.


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    Rita Sullivan says

    Mark, this made me laugh so hard. Please let me re-post up here in snowy Indiana!!! Loving all your blogs! You matter to me and I’m proud of you! Hugs to Laura. Rita

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