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Walking the Tightrope


WWJD? What Would Jesus Do?

tightropeAuthor Mick Mooney thinks he knows in a parable he wrote for Huffington Post. A mother gives her son a WWJD bracelet and the young man starts buying beers for the drunken and tossing pastors out on their ears who peddle books in their churches.

There’s a spider web-thin line between grace and judgment. Falling off this tightrope can result in Church Lady-ish finger-wagging or libertine winking at behaviors that rupture relationships with God, self and others. Jesus graciously reached out to prostitutes, lepers and cheating tax collectors. On the other hand, He blasted hypocrites, listed the sins that flowed out of the corrupt human heart (Matt 15:19) and commanded an adulterous woman to “go and sin no more” (John 8:11).

Jesus was the Friend of Sinners, but not the Encourager of Sinners. He managed the highwire between grace and judgment with great skill.

How do you manage to walk this tightrope? When you fall, which side do you tend to go? What are the dangers of erring on one side or the other?

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