The Tongue: Weapon of Mass Destruction


Take a deep breath – it’s almost over. The last presidential debate has been aired and ballots will be cast in a few short weeks. Then we can go back to “business-as-usual.”

Or will we?

It’s no secret that this has been one of the most contentious campaigns in modern American history. Not only have both sides slung heaping handfuls of mud, so have the electorate – many of whom unabashedly claim the name “Christian.”

I have only commented once on a political post this season, and now I wish I hadn’t. My sin? Mentioning that, in good conscience, I could vote neither for the Democrat nor Republican. I was called a “weasel,” accused of being “easily manipulated,” and branded — gasp! — a Democrat (which I am not). And this is mild blowback compared to what I have read on social media boards. Not long ago, I decided to hop off Facebook for a while and de-clutter my mind.

tongueLike many, I’m appalled at the gutter tactics of both candidates — but even more concerning, the poison that spews from the mouths of believers. Don’t get me wrong — I am all for passionate debate and a vigorous exchange of ideas. And some of my Christian friends have taken the high road in this wasteland of ugly talk. But I’ve seen too many ad hominem attacks that come from people who frequently post flowery devotions and Jesus pictures. Honestly, I have more respect for trash-talking unbelievers than churchgoing folks who can’t wait to flame anyone with whom they disagree. At least the former group aren’t hypocrites.

If you think you can sling nasty words around without consequence, think again. Scripture is crystal-clear about the link between our hearts and mouthsThe tongue is a powerful tool that can quickly become a weapon of mass destruction.

Yes, the election will be over soon. But our words will linger. Believers, let’s be careful what we write and say. The world is watching us. And so is God, who holds us accountable for every careless word we speak.


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    Amen and Amen!!!

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