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The Saddest Ending of All

la la landI finally caught La La Land, the romcom that has created quite a buzz since its release on December 9 of last year. The Oscars haven’t even been given out yet, and it’s already collected enough awards to sink a canoe.

I loved the movie. It’s a stylistic flick that harks back to the golden era of Hollywood musicals, yet with enough modern touches to make it relevant. About a quarter of the way through the movie, I thought, “This is shaping up to be a Boy Meets Girl, Boy Loses Girl…”

Wait, before I go any further, this is a spoiler alert. You have been warned!

…and Boy Doesn’t Get Girl Back Except in a Fantasy Sequence. The ending is bittersweet. The Girl (Emma Stone) gets her Big Break and becomes a movie star, while The Boy (Ryan Gosling) reaches his goal of opening a jazz club. Five years slip by and they have drifted apart in pursuit of their dreams. One night, with her husband in tow, The Girl visits the nightspot, unaware that her former sweetheart owns it. Spying her in the crowd, he plays “their song” and the film closes with them exchanging knowing smiles as she makes her exit.

Life is not a frothy romantic movie. Relationships end. Sometimes chemistry wears off. Couples can get buried in their individual interests, floating away from each other like two unmoored boats.

But how sad when a man or woman wanders from God, never to return. How tragic when people reach the finale of their lives, only to realize they missed the joy of knowing their Creator. Last year, I learned what FOMO means – “Fear of Missing Out.” It’s a term born of our social media age, the fear of missing all the exciting stuff that everybody else is doing.

Sin - Missing the MarkBut the only FOMO that really matters is missing a relationship with God. In fact, “sin” means this very thing in the Bible — missing the mark. So many people aim for the bull’s-eye of success, prosperity, acceptance from others and a million other earthly things. The true center of a meaningful life is God.

If you don’t love Him at the end of your life, you will not love Him in eternity.

And that’s the saddest ending of all.

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