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On This Day Chain Message

On this day in 1860, the first Pony Express ride took place. Conceived as a rapid mail delivery system, the Pony Express route was a string of over 160 stations between St. Joseph, Missouri and Sacramento, California—a distance of 2000 miles. Each rider would cover a certain distance before another rider with a fresh horse took over. It took about 10 days for a message to reach its destination. With the advent of the telegraph in October 1861, the Pony Express faded from the public eye, but over time earned a mythical place in our Old West heritage.


Through the centuries, a long chain of prophets carried God’s message to the people. These spokesmen came from different backgrounds and the message took on many forms. Yet just as an automobile consists of various parts but is an integrated whole, so the biblical books came together to form one message. It’s all about God.

It’s about the God who creates, a divine conductor who orchestrated light from darkness and dry land out of a void.

It’s about the God who re-creates by speaking life into dry bones and calling the dead to walk out of tombs.

It’s about the God who doesn’t give up on us. The Bible says  He desires all people to be saved and sent his Son to die while we were yet sinners. Even now, he tugs on unrepentant hearts to move toward Jesus and the hearts of saints to become more like Christ.

Finally, the message of the Bible speaks of the God who is the Lord of history—the One who will write its final chapter and begin a glorious new volume as the new heavens come down to kiss the new earth.

Even so, the message was not given to you to know about God, but that “you may believe” (John 20:31). From beginning to end, the Bible testifies of the faithfulness of God, urging us to put our complete trust in him for life, wholeness, hope and salvation.

Yes. . .it’s all about God.

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