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“A few years ago Mark came to my church and did one of his presentations. I have been attending church all my life and had never seen anything quite like it – drama as ministry. What a unique method to present the message of Christ! When I found out that Mark’s financial support comes from love offerings and individual giving, it was another way to support God’s work. You, too, can help him in this effort by contributing to his ministry.”




One Man Show Ministries is completely self-supporting. I have no guarantees from any church or denomination to meet my budget, which includes drama ministry, children’s outreach and operating expenses, such as vehicle maintenance, office upkeep and salary. Love offerings do not cover everything, so this is why I rely on monthly supporters and one-time givers.  You can give via Paypal, the Amazon Smile program or by writing a check to:

One Man Show Ministries
P.O. Box 822052
Ft Worth, TX 76182

Referrals to your pastor and worship leaders are also encouraged and appreciated.

One Man Show Ministries is a 501c3 agency operated by a board. Your gifts are tax-deductible and receipts are sent with every contribution.